A look ahead with CellMax CEO Hammad Abuiseifan


In October 2018, Hammad Abuiseifan took over as CEO of CellMax after spending 12 years at Ericsson AB, where he served as General Manager, VEON. During that time, he worked closely with European, African, North American and South American clients. We asked him some questions about his experience at CellMax so far and what he sees ahead.

With demand for CellMax products increasing, how has the company been able to keep up?

Everyone has been putting many hours into adjusting our portfolio to match market demands in the years ahead. I think we are now very well positioned for tougher market requirements and demands. We also have an innovation hub that includes all our suppliers, which will accelerate innovation.

What feedback have you experienced from customers so far?

I’ve already had quite a few good experiences! I remember one specific customer engagement, where our R&D head presented our new antenna family. The client spent hours dissecting the interior design, and I recall how proud we felt while presenting it. It’s always enriching to spend time with clients, but when they cancelled their whole afternoon agenda to continue our meeting – we felt we got the best feedback there is.

Can you share some of the feedback from customers about the performance of CellMax antennas and how it has affected their business?

I remember one of the feedback sessions we had with a T1 operator in North America. They indicated that CellMax is the main reason why they are able to carry the highest data volume in the country and at the same time increase the throughput speed. Such encouraging feedback from clients is very rewarding to the teams who put in huge numbers of hours to make sure we develop what the market wants – and who enable us to continue evolving our technology beyond traditional boundaries.

Where do you think the industry is headed and how will CellMax stay ahead?

To prepare for a wider 5G roll out, most operators are focusing on enhancing their existing grid and making sure that it can handle additional data traffic. Doing so, while at the same time having huge pressure to manage cost, means high-gain, high-capacity antennas – which are what we make – are emerging into winners with multiple operators.

It’s worth noting that some countries are being very slow in their spectrum auction. The huge costs involved for the operators are also delaying the larger roll outs on the new, higher bands.

What other trends do you see?

The way telco’s build their business cases makes frequency utilization a vital component. That gives us a big advantage. We still see a low appetite for active antennas, as the business case is for this investment doesn’t make sense.

Existing sites have to consume an increased load of data volume and at the same time reduce their operational costs. Again, advantage CellMax. This will most probably lead to a manufacturing companies exiting the market and for some we will see a consolidation for antenna companies.

One thing remains certain, the requirements on tomorrow’s technology includes low losses, high latency and high-gain technology which is and will remain our signature achievement.

Looking ahead, from the operator’s perspective, how do CellMax antennas help to “future-proof” networks?

Our design principles include aiming for “no” losses, by maximizing the capabilities of existing materials. We are also expanding innovation by including tomorrow’s new materials. We always strive towards maximizing kbit/second/Hertz by innovating around CellMax patented technology.


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