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CellMax aims to reach performance levels never achieved before. We design and build antennas in an entirely new way, with patented technology no one else has. Today, we are the world leader in high-efficiency base station antennas for radio networks.

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Our Mission at CellMax

Limited only by physics, our uncompromising approach to innovation challenges conventional wisdom to deliver the best possible user experience, lowest cost of ownership and highest revenues

Our Vision

A world where everyone has reliable access to the full potential of mobile networks.

Be fearless

We did not create the world’s highest-performing base station antennas by tweaking existing antenna technology, we created a whole new solution. Breakthrough innovations like ours always mean going where no one has gone before. That takes courage and an appetite for calculated risks. Not everything works out, and that’s OK. As individuals, we need to be brave enough to take chances. As an organization, we need to give people the freedom to fail and learn from mistakes. If you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t doing enough. Together, we make things that are impossible today possible tomorrow. 


Even the smartest person in the room is rarely smarter than everyone in the room put together. Whether we are developing a new product or implementing a solution together with a customer, our attitude is to make the most of the imagination, skills and intelligence of everyone involved. 

Take ownership

The most successful teams have members who are accountable for their responsibilities. In our business, this means people take ownership and hold themselves accountable for their results, from an initial proposal, to a product specification, to manufacturing, sales, distribution and final delivery to a customer. 

Drive customer success

Everything we do is designed to help make our customers more successful. Our antennas save them money, increase their revenues and make their customers more satisfied. And we believe in treating everyone like a customer, including our colleagues. That means smooth hand-offs to the next team in the value chain. With everyone working with that mindset day in, day out, we instinctively deliver the same precision and accountability to our customers. 

Who we are

Headquartered in Stockholm, CellMax Technology is an innovative leader in the field of high-gain, high-capacity for mobile networks. With a history that goes back to early 2001, the company combines the experience from the early high gain adopters with tomorrows innovation.

CellMax, a part of the Rosenberger group, has its manufacturing plants in Sweden and Hungary. It handles global sales from Sweden through its local distribution partners. Our customers range from renowned Tier 1 service providers to local telecom operators across the world.
With its unique design, CellMax provides a technology that is limited only by physics and results in gains typically 2-3dB above any other technology. Our design is based on principles that enable service providers to offer the highest possible network performance. This elevates the customer experience to a level that today’s competitive market demands.

With their design and capabilities, CellMax antennas perform in any mobile generation and take network quality to a whole new level.


Hammad Abuiseifan


Per Wistedt
Chief Operations Officer
Alf Ahlström
Technical Director


Viktor Karlsson
Chief Financial Officer


Patented technology,
unequalled results

CellMax base station antennas deliver results no other antennas can. Our starting point was to look at the challenges that carriers face on the one hand, and the physics of radio networks on the other.

At CellMax, we build our antennas on an entirely different, patented technology. One look beneath the cover is enough to see the difference. Where other antennas have wires and soldered connections, we have a milled aluminum frame. Where other antennas have cables, we have rods. In fact, there are no cables at all in a CellMax antenna, even at the connector side. With no cables and no soldering, PIM is almost non-existent (<-155 dBc. -160 dBc is typical).

High efficiency, high gain

High efficiency and high gain make CellMax base station antennas the strongest link in the chain. They save customers money, increase their revenues and make their customers more satisfied.

Our technology delivers better than 90% Efficiency, with +2dB better gain compared to a traditional antenna of the same length. The result is increased network performance, lower total cost of ownership, higher subscriber satisfaction and higher revenues.

In addition, there is no post-tuning because there is no variability in the antenna pattern. Our products are also manufactured under ISO 9001 quality standards and are fully RoHS compliant.


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