Customer cases

Tests show that Cellmax antennas improve network performance, with fewer redirects and dropped calls, and better coverage, load balancing and indoor penetration. This lets carriers increase subscribers and data throughput.

Wind Tre Network Modernization

Wind Tre Network Modernization

Improving network performance in central Asia

Improved signal level in central Asia, with higher speed and network quality. ROI in three months.

Ultra-wide-band antenna improves coverage, speed and load-balancing

High-gain antenna increases coverage and speed of 2.5 GHz network, reducing low-band congestion.

Antennas restore coverage after bandwidth expansion

When a carrier’s bandwidth expansion led to a loss of coverage, CellMax antennas solved the problem.

Improving high-band performance

In a test in a large Russian city, switching to CellMax antennas helped a carrier increase customers’ network quality experience, increase t...

Rural coverage: Offloading from the congested low band

Cellmax antennas improved high-band coverage, decreasing congestion on the low band and allowing full utilization of the high band’s vast ca...

Better indoor coverage, fewer redirects

In a city center, 2600 LTE traffic was being redirected to the low-band network. CellMax antennas decreased redirects by 40%.


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