Wind Tre Network Modernization

“For us, everything is about the customer and high-end technology is the medium to provide the best customer experience. Therefore, we needed to build a state-of-the-art network, to assure a seamless and reliable high data speed communication for our customers. Furthermore, deeper indoor coverage and efficient utilization of the spectrum required an innovative approach. In this context the ‘green high-efficiency’ CellMax antennas technology has been the natural choice for us.” (2019, Benoit Hanssen, CTO Wind Tre).

Benoit Hanssen
CTO Wind Tre

Customer cases

Real-world success stories

Improving network performance in central Asia

Improved signal level in central Asia, with higher speed and network quality. ROI in three months.

Ultra-wide-band antenna improves coverage, speed and load-balancing

High-gain antenna increases coverage and speed of 2.5 GHz network, reducing low-band congestion.

Antennas restore coverage after bandwidth expansion

When a carrier’s bandwidth expansion led to a loss of coverage, CellMax antennas solved the problem.


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