Product benefits

High-gain, high-efficiency Cellmax antennas offer increased network performance, lower total cost of ownership, higher subscriber satisfaction and higher revenues. Our high efficiency comes from a patented design unlike any other on the market.

More gain per meter

Increased network performance

CellMax high-gain antennas increase base station range and usable network capacity by minimizing interference, improving load-balancing and eliminating PIM, allowing carriers to get the most value from their investment in network and spectrum.

  1. Improved coverage
  2. Enhanced load balancing
  3. Increased capacity and quality
  4. Less interference between cells
  5. Virtually PIM-free

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Lower total cost of ownership

CellMax antennas enable reductions in CAPEX and OPEX in existing and greenfield networks by reducing the number of required sites. They also increase network capacity and enhance network performance.

  1. Fewer sites, more capacity
  2. Lower energy consumption
  3. Lower maintenance costs

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20% fewer greenfield sites

Better coverage

Higher subscriber satisfaction

CellMax antennas allow carriers to offer subscribers higher speed by increasing network capacity by an average of 30% and extending access to more spectrum, including the huge high-band capacity.

  1. Higher speed
  2. Better coverage
  3. Lower drop rate

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Add more subscribers

Higher revenues

Regardless of payment plans, CellMax antennas provide ways to increase revenues. More subscribers or faster speeds? Either way, the high efficiency of CellMax antennas helps carriers make the most of their investment in network and spectrum.

  1. Upsell data
  2. 30% more network capacity
  3. Monetize user data

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