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We are an awesome company!

After all, we make the highest-performing base station antennas in the world. And we are constantly pushing to reach new levels of performance in anticipation of further developments in mobile communications.


Founded on physics

For almost two decades, we’ve been delivering performance no one else can with patented technology no one else has.



Satisfied customers

We help customers increase revenues, network performance and subscriber satisfaction while delivering lower cost of ownership. No wonder they’re happy.



Fewer base stations needed

Our high gain antennas mean you can cover the same area with 30% fewer base stations.

We’re looking for disruptive influences

Join our mission to challenge conventional wisdom with an uncompromising approach to innovation. Together, we will build extraordinary products and help create a world where everyone has reliable access to the full potential of mobile networks.

We work in small, cross-functional teams in which people take on challenges and learn from each other. It’s a world where everyone belongs, feels welcome, and can contribute their best work. We’re looking for people who have the courage to take calculated risks and go where no one has gone before.

Because that’s what it takes to create breakthrough innovations like ours.

Our mission

Limited only by physics, our uncompromising approach to innovation challenges conventional wisdom to deliver the best possible user experience, lowest cost of ownership and highest revenues.

Our vision

A world where everyone has reliable access to the full potential of mobile networks.

Our values

Be fearless

We did not create the world’s highest-performing base station antennas by tweaking existing antenna technology, we created a whole new solution. Breakthrough innovations like ours always mean going where no one has gone before. That takes courage and an appetite for calculated risks. Not everything works out, and that’s OK. As individuals, we need to be brave enough to take chances. As an organization, we need to give people the freedom to fail and learn from mistakes. If you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t doing enough. Together, we make things that are impossible today possible tomorrow.


Even the smartest person in the room is rarely smarter than everyone in the room put together. Whether we are developing a new product or implementing a solution together with a customer, our attitude is to make the most of the imagination, skills and intelligence of everyone involved.

Take ownership

The most successful teams have members who are accountable for their responsibilities. In our business, this means people take ownership and hold themselves accountable for their results, from an initial proposal, to a product specification, to manufacturing, sales, distribution and final delivery to a customer.

Drive customer success

Everything we do is designed to help make our customers more successful. Our antennas save them money, increase their revenues and make their customers more satisfied. And we believe in treating everyone like a customer, including our colleagues. That means smooth hand-offs to the next team in the value chain. With everyone working with that mindset day in, day out, we instinctively deliver the same precision and accountability to our customers.


What our co-workers think

Sarah Tempelmann, Project manager

Joined CellMax: June 2019

What attracted you to this industry and to Cellmax?

Information and communication technology is used by all of us every day and plays such an important role in our lives. We take for granted that we can easily access timetables, make doctor’s appointments, call our family and friends whenever we want, and check our bank accounts. To make all of this work reliably and accessibly 24/7, we need reliable phone and data connections, and CellMax is an important contributor to this.

I find it especially rewarding to know that CellMax is going one step further, not only providing antennas that are extremely reliable, but that also minimize losses, which guarantees efficient use of resources. Given the increasing focus on how we can minimize our impact on the world while mobile data usage is on the rise, I believe we make an important contribution.

How well has CellMax given you new challenges and opportunities to develop your skills and career?

From the beginning, I found a very welcoming and open-minded atmosphere. Since then I have always felt strong support from my colleagues. Whomever I ask for help is open to do so, and I see people supporting each other regardless of their level or what team they are on every day.

Also, even though there is a long experience and a proven technology, there is no sense of complacency. Instead, there is a will to learn and improve that impresses me every day. And no matter which team people work in, everyone seems to have a good understanding of the overall challenge rather than only his or her own area. This means a lot to me, especially in my role as project manager, since it helps ensure that all the pieces are put into place and that nothing falls between the chairs. It also makes our work much more efficient.

What are some of the most rewarding parts of your job?

Solving a problem together, seeing that we can deliver the quality we promise. Discussing how changes would actually affect a customer and then taking project decisions based upon customer values, business perspective and feasibility of technical solutions that last.

And, as is usually the case, working in a smaller company means that responsibility is not limited to the specific job description. I get to do more than that! And that is something I appreciate a lot. I get a more complete insight into both the technology and the business, which is both fun and gives a steeper learning curve for my own development.

What is “a day in the life” as a project manager at CellMax?

My schedule is very different day to day. We have regular project meetings, but I also spend time in the lab together with the RF or mechanical engineers to understand challenges we have and agree on steps forward, or just lending a helping hand to move antennas. Then, of course, there is a lot of contact with suppliers and regular status update meetings with the project steering group.

If you were recommending CellMax as an employer, what would you say?

Come over to meet the team and you will get a good understanding on how you would fit in! It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding work. Some of the best things about CellMax are the spirit of openness, pride about the products – which is shared by everybody in the team – and the eagerness to always improve.

Are you a student?

CellMax offers qualified students opportunities to get hands-on experience working with the world’s highest-performing base station antennas. They can access our advanced lab and anechoic chamber and learn from some of the best in the business.

Why intern with us?

When you intern with CellMax, you will have the opportunity to learn from and work side by side with experienced and helpful engineers on real projects. CellMax also has a modern and advanced lab for measuring and developing antennas, making it an educational and exciting place to work.

Join us and be a part of an amazing comany!

Johan Lundgren, Student

Masters of Science student at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

What are you studying?

I’m in my final year in the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering program at The Royal Institute of Technology. My program is for a Master’s in Electromagnetism, Fusion and Space Engineering.

What attracted you to CellMax?

I was attracted to CellMax because it develops antennas with such high performance. Also that Cellmax has all the equipment when it comes to antenna development, such as its own anechoic chamber for measuring and graphing antenna radiation.

How long were you at Cellmax?

I worked at CellMax from June 10 to July 19, 2019.

What were your expectations when you started at CellMax?

To gain insight into what the development process for antennas looks like for a company and what competence companies are looking for, to learn more about antennas, and to get to test the application of my knowledge.

Were your expectations met?

My time at CellMax actually exceeded my expectations! I got to work on several different exciting projects, which meant that I got to try out several areas in antenna development. I also got to learn about measurements on antennas and evaluate the results more than I had imagined when I started.

What was the best thing about being at CellMax?

To get so close to technology and have the opportunity to learn from and work with experienced and helpful engineers. CellMax also has a modern and advanced lab for measuring and developing antennas, so it was also very educational and exciting to get to work there and use the equipment.

What did you learn from Cellmax that you will take with you into the future?

How complex it is to get an antenna to meet all requirements and wishes. Just because the radiation diagram is correct and matches specifications does not mean that the antenna will actually perform well or work at all in a mobile network.

If you were to recommend Cellmax to other students, what would you say?

If you think antenna development is exciting – especially to build antennas and directly apply your knowledge – Cellmax is the right place to be.

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Open positions at CellMax

Join our mission to challenge conventional wisdom and help create a world where everyone has reliable access to the full potential of mobile networks. We’re looking for people who have the courage to take calculated risks and go where no one has gone before.

Open application: R&D

Are you ready for new challenges? At Cellmax, you get the opportunity to become part of a growing company with innovative products. Together in teams with different competences, antennas for mobile phone systems are designed in a completely unique way using patented technology.

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