Pushing technology to the limits of physics...

...to create world's highest-performing base station antennas

A technology no one else has...

… for results no one else can deliver

CellMax antennas deliver...

… high efficiency, low PIM and high CINR, allowing carriers to offer better quality coverage and make the most of their investment in network and spectrum.

Product benefits

A new era in mobile networking

Increased network performance

CellMax high-gain antennas increase base station range and usable network capacity by minimizing interference, improving load-balancing and eliminating PIM, allowing carriers to get the most value from their investment in network and spectrum.

  1. Improved coverage
  2. Enhanced load balancing
  3. Increased capacity and quality
  4. Less interference between cells
  5. Virtually PIM-free

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Higher subscriber satisfaction

CellMax antennas allow carriers to offer subscribers higher speed by increasing network capacity by an average of 30% and extending access to more spectrum, including the huge high-band capacity.

  1. Higher speed
  2. Better coverage
  3. Lower drop rate

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Lower total cost of ownership

CellMax antennas enable reductions in CAPEX and OPEX in existing and greenfield networks by reducing the number of required sites. They also increase network capacity and enhance network performance.

  1. Fewer sites, more capacity
  2. Lower energy consumption
  3. Lower maintenance costs

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Higher revenues

Regardless of payment plans, CellMax antennas provide ways to increase revenues. More subscribers or faster speeds? Either way, the high efficiency of CellMax antennas helps carriers make the most of their investment in network and spectrum.

  1. Upsell data
  2. Add more subscribers
  3. Monetize user data

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Customer cases

Real-world success stories

Wind Tre Network Modernization

Wind Tre Network Modernization

Improving network performance in central Asia

Improved signal level in central Asia, with higher speed and network quality. ROI in three months.

Ultra-wide-band antenna improves coverage, speed and load-balancing

High-gain antenna increases coverage and speed of 2.5 GHz network, reducing low-band congestion.

About our products

A technology like
no other

CellMax base station antennas are able to deliver results no other antennas can because they are built on an entirely different, patented technology. One look beneath the cover is enough to see the difference.

Where other antennas have wires and soldered connections, we have a milled aluminum frame. Where other antennas have cables, we have rods. In fact, there are no cables at all in a CellMax antenna, even at the connector side. With no cables and no soldering, PIM is almost non-existent (<-155 dBc. -160 dBc is typicall).

Our technology also delivers better than 90% Efficiency. +2dB better gain as a traditional antenna of the same length. There is no post-tuning because there is no variability in the antenna pattern. Customers get exactly what they specify. Our products are also manufactured under ISO 9001 quality standards and are fully RoHS compliant.

About us

Focused on innovation

At CellMax, we have focused on customer-focused innovation from Day 1. Everything we do is designed to help make our customers more successful. Our antennas save them money, increase their revenues and make their customers more satisfied.

Our starting point was to look at the challenges that carriers face on the one hand, and the physics of radio networks on the other. We were determined to make the base station antenna the strongest link in the chain.

Using a unique technology


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20 February, 2023

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A new High-Gain Antenna from CellMax.
22 February, 2022

World’s First 65º Panel Antenna with 23dBi gain

A new High-Gain Antenna from CellMax.
18 February, 2022
Press release

CellMax Technologies appoints new CEO

CellMax recruits new CEO


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