Cellmax Technologies Unveils Revolutionary Four-Port Low Band High-Efficiency Antenna for Enhanced Rural Connectivity.



Stockholm, Sweden – May 2024 – Cellmax Technologies AB, a global leader in high-performance antenna solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its latest breakthrough in telecommunications technology: the unique Four-Port Low Band 65֯ High-Efficiency Antenna. This cutting-edge antenna is set to revolutionize mobile network performance in rural areas, offering unprecedented coverage and connectivity, through a world-leading gain of 18.5 dBi.

Innovation at its Peak

The new Four-Port Low Band High-Efficiency Antenna is engineered to meet the growing demands of mobile network operators and users alike. As data consumption and the need for reliable, high-speed connectivity continue to surge, also in rural areas, Cellmax Technologies' latest offering delivers a solution that addresses these challenges head-on.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Four-Port Design: The antenna features a unique four-port configuration, enabling it to support multiple frequency bands, 4x4 MIMO and enhance network capacity and coverage. This design ensures optimal performance and flexibility for network operators.
  • World-Leading Gain: Achieving an unparalleled gain of 18.5 dBi, the antenna sets a new benchmark in the industry, providing superior signal strength and coverage, which translates to improved user experience and network reliability.
  • High Efficiency: Leveraging advanced materials and cutting-edge engineering, the antenna achieves high efficiency, resulting in lower energy consumption and improved signal quality. This makes it an environmentally friendly option while reducing operational costs.
  • Low Band Performance: Optimized for low band frequencies, specifically
    698-960 MHz, the antenna provides superior coverage and penetration, making it ideal for rural environments where long-range connectivity is essential.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: With its superior design, the antenna supports seamless connectivity and higher data throughput, ensuring users in rural areas experience minimal interruptions and faster download/upload speeds.
  • Larger Coverage Area: The patented technology enables larger coverage areas, allowing operators to deploy and maintain fewer sites. This leads to significant savings in capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX).
  • Flexible Site Acquisition: The enhanced coverage and efficiency provide operators with greater flexibility in site acquisition, reducing the complexity and cost associated with deploying new network sites in rural areas.


Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

Cellmax Technologies AB invented the high-efficiency Base Station antenna 23 years ago and has been perfecting the technology ever since. With a strong focus on environmental responsibility and sustainability, Cellmax Technologies ensures that its products not only deliver superior performance but also contribute to a greener future. The new Four-Port Low Band High-Efficiency Antenna is designed to minimize the operators energy consumption and environmental impact, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

Commenting on the launch, Reine Eriksson, CEO of Cellmax Technologies, said:

"We are thrilled to introduce our Four-Port Low Band High-Efficiency Antenna to the market. This product represents the culmination of years of research and development, and it embodies our commitment to innovation and excellence. With its world-leading gain of 18.5 dBi and support for the 698-960 MHz frequency band, mobile network operators can enhance their service quality, providing end-users with the reliable, high-speed connectivity they demand. Additionally, the larger coverage area and flexible site acquisition offered by our patented technology significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX, making it an ideal solution for rural network expansion. We are proud to continue our tradition of innovation while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability."

About Cellmax Technologies AB

Cellmax Technologies AB is the leading provider of high-performance antennas for the telecommunications industry. Known for its innovative solutions and commitment to quality, Cellmax Technologies designs and manufactures antennas that meet the evolving needs of mobile network operators around the world. With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and sustainability, Cellmax Technologies continues to set new standards in the industry.

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Website: www.cellmax.com


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