Cellmax Technologies Joins National Wireless Communication Competence Center


Vinnova Announces Support for Eleven New Competence Centers in 2024

Starting in January 2024, Vinnova is set to back eleven groundbreaking competence centers, fostering collaborative research and education between universities and companies. These centers are poised to spearhead advanced initiatives in fields crucial for a sustainable industry and the ongoing digital transformation of society. With a combined investment of SEK 1 billion over the initial five years, these centers are set to reshape the technological landscape and strengthen Sweden’s competitive position .

One of these visionary centers, the Swedish Wireless Innovation Network (SweWIN), will be under the astute leadership of Professor Emil Björnson at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). SweWIN is a cornerstone of this transformative endeavor.

SweWIN's consortium brings together institutions like KTH, RISE, Cellmax Technologies, Ericsson, Saab, ABB, CellMax Technologies, and Northern Waves, pooling their expertise and resources to push the boundaries of wireless communication.

Cellmax Technologies's CTO Mathias Belin, expresses his excitement, stating, "We have since some time been working to building up our relationship and collaboration with KTH and have seen how this has led to several very positive results. We are very excited about this new initiative which is a fantastic next step forward for us to be part of and we’re thoroughly looking forward to the collaboration with KTH and other industry players ahead. Congratulations to Professor Emil Björnson for this exceptional recognition."

Reine Eriksson, CEO of Cellmax Technologies, adds, "Cellmax was founded on an idea and innovation, to develop low loss - high efficient antennas. We believe that collaboration and especially governed through a world leading institute as the Royal Institute of Technology and other leading industry players holds promises to accelerate technology development Sweden's competitive edge."

In essence, Cellmax Technologies's participation in the national competence center is a testament to the innovation and dedication fueling the evolution of wireless communication in Sweden.

KTH launches three new competence centres | KTH

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Kista science city:
New competence center to advance wireless communications - Kista Science City

Kista science city linkedin post:


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Cellmax Technologies Joins National Wireless Communication Competence Center

Cellmax Technologies Joins National Wireless Communication Competence Center
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