High Efficiency antenna from CellMax with 10 ports to ensure configuration for all site types.


Cellmax releases another High Efficiency antenna with 10 ports to allow additional applications on sites. CellMax offer a complete portfolio now also for site requiring ports on midband complementing the earlier configurations of 4 and 8 ports on midband.

With more than 2 decades of focus to make the highest efficiency antenna in the market the portfolio for application has never been richer.


Energy efficiency 

Today, operators lose millions of kWh as heat in traditional base station antennas. By using the high efficiency antennas from CellMax you as an operator can maintain todays coverage even if you decrease your output power on site. Allow for increased subscriber satisfaction and enhanced throughput during busy hours, and use the new features enabled by the triple band radio’s to reduce transmitted power during off busy hours. Our antennas allow you to not only save the planet and associated cost while off busy hours but still maintain great service and access to your customers.

Increased subscriber satisfaction

The improved traffic distribution between Low band and Midband that comes with Cellmax antennas, allows for more connections, fewer dropped calls and higher throughput on the low band while increasing coverage, indoor penetration and data throughput on the high band. This means increased subscriber satisfaction and higher revenues.

Looking at the total cost of ownership end to end, this antenna is the natural choice. By improving coverage, frequency utilization and data throughput, this antenna improves and maximizes existing assets.

The platform supports 4X4 MIMO for both midband and low band.

About CellMax

CellMax Technologies AB, founded in 2001, is a privately owned company that develops and markets high efficiency base station antennas for mobile networks. CellMax headquarter and state of the art research facility is located in Stockholm Kista, the center of IT and Telecom in Sweden

CellMax New
10-port antenna

  • 10 port multiband antenna
    • 4 x 698- 960 MHz
    • 6 x 1695-2690 MHz
    • Low band gain 17 dBi
    • High-band gain 20 dBi
    • PIM -155 dBc
    • Maximum coverage
    • Maximum indoor penetration
    • Maximum data transaction throughput and speed



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High Efficiency antenna from CellMax with 10 ports to ensure configuration for all site types

A new High-Gain Antenna from CellMax.
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