Higher subscriber satisfaction

CellMax antennas allow carriers to offer subscribers higher speed by increasing network capacity by an average of 30% and extending access to more spectrum, including the huge high-band capacity.

Higher subscriber satisfaction

With the high cost of acquiring new subscribers, keeping existing subscribers happy is more important than ever. Dropped calls, degraded coverage, low data speeds, and lack of indoor coverage are all reasons why subscribers might change carriers. CellMax base station antennas address all of these issues.

CellMax antennas help carriers hold on to customers because customers experience faster data speeds, better coverage, especially in outlying areas and indoors, fewer dropped calls and even longer battery life for their mobile devices.

Higher speed

CellMax antennas offer higher speed, increasing network capacity by an average of 30% (bits per second per Hertz), and access to more spectrum, including the huge high-band capacity. This allows carriers to offer customers increased speed when using their apps or add more customers to the network without degrading data speed and reducing customer satisfaction. Read more about Network performance.

Better coverage

They allow offer Better coverage. Today’s user expects seamless coverage wherever they are. CellMax antennas’ high-efficiency means greater access in more places, and notably improves indoor coverage significantly.

Lower drop rate

CellMax antennas, with their high efficiency and low PIM, also allow users’ mobile devices to transmit at lower power, significantly prolonging battery life for devices on the network. Finally, Cellmax antennas reduce the number of subscribers’ calls that get dropped due to interference between cells or gaps in coverage.

Fewer sites means lower energy consumption. Alternatively, getting the same coverage from lower transmission power results in lower CAPEX for solar power or lower OPEX for diesel fuel and refueling visits to the sites. The resulting electricity savings can be in the range of 15-30%, depending on technology.

Learn more about how CellMax antennas can increase your network’s performance.


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