About the product

Frequency MHz



HB Port: 8


1.8 m / 72 in


65 ̊


HB: 21 dBi


High Capacity, Indoor Penetration/Urban Coverage, Load Balancing, Road Coverage, Rural Coverage

Main applications

Rural coverage:

Maximizes high-band coverage and achieves better load-balancing, cell-coverage, throughput, indoor coverage and subscriber satisfaction. Especially relevant when upgrading existing sites with new frequencies.

High capacity:

Increases CINR and maximizes spectrum efficiency (b/s/Hz), improving network throughput. Allows addition of more sub scribers and maximizes the value of the investment in network and spectrum.

Road coverage:

Achieves virtually seamless cell-edge coverage, reduces dropped calls for people on the move and increases overall subscriber satisfaction.

Load balancing:

Relieves congestion on the low band by allowing greater use of the much greater high-band capacity. People who really need the low band can access it, and subscribers throughout the network experience higher throughput.

Indoor penetration/urban coverage:

Significantly improves indoor coverage in both rural and urban environments by upgrading the quality of the “last mile”. This allows all users to enjoy all spectrum and secure high-band coverage, even deep indoors.
users to enjoy all spectrums and secure high-band coverage, even deep indoors.


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