CellMax Technologies appoints new CEO

CellMax Technologies, the Stockholm, Sweden-based manufacturer of high-performance base station antennas for mobile telecom networks, has named Hammad Abuseifan CEO, effective September 1, 2018. Abuiseifan comes to CellMax From Ericsson AB, where he served as General Manager, VEON.

Abuiseifan has spent the past 12 years working very closely with clients across the world spanning European, African and North American and South American clients. He has also been part of three technology transformations in recent years. “This has given me a good understanding of how service providers operate and work, which is a strength when developing technology addressing telcos,” he says.

“It’s clear, for example, how quality-centric networks are. That is why I believe in a customer-centric strategy initiated by understanding tomorrow’s consumers, which is the baseline for the requirements on our technology

Abuiseifan says he’s looking forward to the challenge and has always had a passion for managing a complete end-to-end business. “When the opportunity emerged, I knew that CellMax is a company with a very competent core, including some of the sharpest engineers in the industry.

“The opportunity to join a company with such level high level of competence and passion is very inspiring, and I am back to the days of learning new things every day. That, together with the high industry momentum, is very exciting. Our technology is widely used and recognized by some of the best-performing networks in the world.”

Going forward, Abuiseifan says that scalability and productivity are vital when growing a business, so he plans to spend quite a few hours with the team to make sure it is geared up for higher business demands.


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