World's First 65º Panel Antenna
with 23dBi gain


The 12086x has 58% more gain on the two arrays ranging from 698-960 MHz offering 30% more coverage than any antenna on the market. 23% fewer sites can be used to cover the same area as the second-best antenna on the market, allowing for significant TCO savings.


In addition the 12086x is equipped with two high band arrays providing a staggering 23dBi of gain, +5dB to the standard vendors! This extends the high band capacity layers to cover 100% more area compared to regular antennas, offering more bandwidth and capacity to the subscribers in the outer part of the cell.

Furthermore, by extending the high band coverage more traffic is moved from the low band to the high band allowing for a significantly improved quality on the low band.

Increased subscriber satisfaction

Load balancing allows more connections, and fewer dropped calls on the low band while increasing coverage, indoor penetration and data throughput on the high band. This means increased subscriber satisfaction and higher revenue from both voice calls and data.

Looking at total cost of ownership, this antenna is the natural choice when looking at total cost of ownership from end to end. By improving coverage, frequency utilization and data throughput speed, this antenna improves and maximizes existing assets.

The eight ports consist of two arrays on the low band supporting 4X4 MIMO and two arrays on high band also supporting 4X4 MIMO.

Lowest PIM on the market

Because of the unique, patented construction of CellMax antennas, PIM, a type of interference that reduces throughput, is the lowest on the market and guaranteed to be 160 dBc or better. Competing manufacturers typically claim 153 dBc at best.

Improved performance and KPIs

Not only are CellMax antennas virtually PIM-free, the high quality of the antenna and the precision of the manufacturing process increase the longevity of the components. This offers mobile operators higher and more consistent performance in any environment and timeframe compared to competitors.

CellMax high-gain antennas also increase base station range and usable network capacity and improve load-balancing. This allows carriers to get the most value from their investment in network and spectrum. Carriers typically see improvements in such KPIs as drop call rate, call set-up success rate, data throughput, total traffic and more.

8 port multiband antenna 

  • 2 x 698-960 MHz 
  • 2 x 1695-2695 MHz
  • Low band gain 18.5 dBi
  • High-band gain 23 dBi
  • PIM 160 dBc
  • Maximum coverage
  • Maximum indoor penetration
  • Maximum data transaction throughput and speed


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World’s First 65º Panel Antenna with 23dBi gain

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